Musing on Power - Tiffany

urban reconnaissance: “observe, assess and represent the urban context from a specific perspective, and to single out particular elements, rhythms or systems concurring in the production »

Gender and Diversity - Luis Miguel

My colleague Giulia and I were assigned the mission of “Gender and diversity”. From the beginning, we assumed that our walking tour would not be able »

Playgrounds - Michele

Mission 6 was prompted by the investigation of the neighbourhood as a pedagogic field, a place for learning and growing. Which are the spaces, structures and »

How Pigeons shape Schöneberg - Ina

After exploring borders in and of Schöneberg during the first workshop meeting, I decided to focus my personal contribution on a different species inhabiting cities all »

Conflicts - Emma

Squatted houses was a social phenomenon that affected the entire German capital, albeit in different ways. First West Berlin (80's) and then East Berlin (90's). In »

Gender as a kaleidoscope - Giulia

Gender as kaleidoscope. Reflecting on an urban exploration 19.09.20 As we started not-so-aimlessly walking North through the backstreets branching from Hauptstraße, Luismi and I »

Milano Isola. City of Signs

During the 2nd week of the Attractive Cities summer school held at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Jim Macneil organised an Urban Reconnaissance workshop with Chiara Vitrano »