Wien. Divided City - Carolina Frank

Divided city in regard of collaborative interaction
Drawing conclusions from the walk we did during the Workshop I would say Vienna is a quite homogenic city within its districts, especially the ones I/ we passed through. The district borders often go along with urbanistik Indikators such as the Danube Canal, which marks the transition between 3rd and 2nd or 1st and 2nd district or the "Gürtel" (one of the major traffic routes through the city) which was our segregation line between 8th and 16/17 th district.

One could say, every district has its own typical "face" which can be recognized while passing through. That is e.g the first district with is´s touristic spots, expensive shops and representative (residential) buildings. The second district with a large jewish community, the 8th district with a rather posh background (expensive housing, lots of restaurants and coffee houses) and then crossing to the 16/17 th district, entering a lively market (Brunnenmarkt) and former worker´s district.

I couldn't draw any conclusions on how there might be collaborative interaction between the the individual districts, let alone within the individual districts this needs a far more closer look.