Reconnoitering Berlin

While completing the publication online of the Exercises in Urban Reconnaissance, we are happy to announce the opening of a new phase of the project. Reconnoitering Berlin is a series of workshops/derives in and about Berlin. The plan is to extensively explore Berlin’s territories applying the Urban Reconnaissance methodology. The workshops are open to small groups of participants. Each workshop will take the cue from one of the 64 exercises, tackling the city from a specific thematic perspective. At the same time, following the links suggested by our analytical device - the urban reconnaissance conceptual wheel - we will pursue a holistic comprehension of the urban organism looking for connections and interrelations.

The workshops will be tailored according to topics and opportunities. They will be composed by discussions and field explorations, including meetings with experts, professionals, local historians and informed citizens helping us in disentangling multiple aspects and layers of the urban identity of Berlin. The meetings will be initially proposed every 3 / 4 weeks. The workshop activities will be managed by Tesserae Urban Social Research and will complement the elaboration of a new film by ogino:knauss and a book.
Join us in this trip!

The first workshop "Berlin Liquid City" will take place in April 2014. Stay tuned for more details or contact us at for booking.