Reconnoitering Berlin. next workshops program

We are plannning to set a monthly cadence for the workshop activity. Here the approximate calendar for the first events:

Liquid City: 11-13 June

The first seminar will explore the primal implications of flowing waters in determining the city’s identity and morphology. We will disentangle the complexity of urban structural processes questioning geomorphological, technical, political, social, psychological implications of water presence, distribution and access.

Material City: August (TBC)

Here we approach the city form its geological, chemical determinations, understanding how the material consistency of the ground influences the ultimate character of the urban settlement.

Interrupted City: September (TBC)

This workshop is dedicated to examine the parcelization process of the territory, zoning laws, original formations and basic urban design patterns determining its morphology. We will focus on continuities and discontinuities, accessibility and interruptions, opening and closures of the urban fabric.

Inhabited City October

Here we will tackle the human and social component of Berlin. Peoples, bodies, individuals coming from a multiplicity of places constituting the multicultural metropolitan identity. This workshop will be centered on video interview practice as a tool for anthropological research and documentary filming, with a particular focus on immigration and social inclusion as essential and controversial factors determining Berlin''s history.

Built City

This workshop is dedicated to the architectural substance of the city, exploring typological models, emergencies and standards of the built stock of Berlin.

Every workshop will be a mix of discussions, presentations, urban explorations, individual and collective elaboration involving a wide range of tools and languages of representation. The events will take place in a range of different venues, taking the opportunity to explore as well projects and organisations operating a reflexive activity about the city. For every workshop a specific graphic project will be designed by ogino:knauss and a numbered edition screen print will be available for the participants.