Milano. Docucity Workshop

May 13-15 in Milan, during the Docucity Festival we coordinated the first Urban Reconnaissance Workshop employing the Exercises as a methodological tool. We adopted the general theme "From Centre to Periphery", referring in particular to the Expo 2015 issue and the role of spectacular temporary events as a tool to re-center peripheral locations. The three-days workshop involved a dozen of participants, many of which part of the project "Immaginarie esplorazioni".

We asked each of the participants to pick up oneof the 56 exercises as a preferred perspective to look at the urban space we intended to explore. The seminar was lively and participated, the urban derive extremely stimulating. We planned to reach the Expo building site in Rho walking form the city centre, but we did not succeed in reaching the final goal of the planned walk, due also from the richness of in-between situations encountered along the walk. Finally we’ve got beached in a vibrant ethnic party popping out in a peripheral garden. The participants agreed on trying to complete the exploration in the following days. In the meantime with next posts we are starting the publication of some of the outcomes of this first phase that have already found a sufficient level of elaboration.