CARITALENTS UR-labs in Barbados and Dominica

The UR-Lab at the University of West Indies in Barbados and Dominica is a workshop conducted by Lorenzo Tripodi and Laura Colini of OK/Tesserae within the frame of the project CARITALENTS financed by the Italian Cooperation. This program coordinated by the University of Florence is aimed at improving the skills of trainers working with youth with tools and techniques for analysing territorial heritage. In the course of two weeks the workshop provides an introduction to the Urban Reconnaissance methodology structured in two modules of three sessions each. Aim of the workshop is to produce a collective narrative resuming competences matured through previous modules in such fields as mapping, digital storytelling, use of comics and music in spatial disciplines, etc.

After the presentation of the urban reconnaissance methodology, the participants are invited to select a keyword on the UR-wheel. The key word represents a "unique perspective" according to which each participant will conduct a survey of the city. In addition, they are asked to identify a place in the city particularly representative of the specific perspective or theme they have chosen.

The places selected by the participants form an itinerary for the successive collective field excursion. The participants are invited to perform an exercise of observation along the itinerary, according to their pre-selected key word. They can adopt different techniques to report their findings, such as photography, video, audio recording, annotations, sketches and/or performative actions.

The second part of the workshop is dedicated to the recomposition of the individual reflections in a collective narrative. In the following the results of the workshops done in Bridgetown (Barbados) and Roseau (Dominica)