Urban Reconnaissance workshops

Urban Reconnaissance workshops (URLab) are destined to a wide range of publics, including students, practitioners, artists, activists and citizens. URLab are aimed at the holistic examination of the built environment and employ a participative use of new and traditional media to survey, assess and represent the complexity of specific urban contexts. They can be used to examine diverse territorial scales,form a vicinity, neighbourhood or road to a whole metropolitan area. The workshop format is flexible to the demands of commissioning organisations and local communities and adaptable do different contexts and timings.

URLabs are basically structured in four modules, with duration varying from two full-time days to several weeks.

  1. Introductory Module. Presentation of aims, participants and target areas. Theoretical framework, background examples. Assessment strategy and procedures, coordination, setting of the common objectives.
  2. Exploratory phase. Collective and individual urban exploration, collection of information and impressions.
  3. Sharing and discussion of the captured impressions and results of the survey. Definition of the final outcomes.
  4. Individual work and elaboration of the final contribution to the collective product.

The workshop may lead to a final public presentation according to specific interest and opportunities of the commissioning organization. More detail about URLab types and formats in the downloadable manual.

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