Milano. Spontaneous City - Susanna De Guio

Exercise: Cross the city from centre to periphery; look for all those manifestations that appear spontaneous, unplanned, that exist outside of formal rules and regulations: squatting, appropriation of public space, black markets, informal communication, graffiti, unauthorised construction, unplanned structures, etc. Do they exist in a grey area between what is admitted and what is not?  Are they manifestly illegal? In your opinion, are these manifestations the forms of a constructive symbiosis with urban life or do they speak of parasitic relations? Are they tolerated, accepted or instead repressed, discouraged? Observe the consolidated city and its historic fabric; to what extent is it the result of a formal planning process? Or is it more akin to the legalisation and acceptance of informal processes?






barefoot on the grass

sitting on the floor

Susanna worked on the Spontaneous City, concept, capturing small signs of adaptation, ordinary practices and micro transformations telling the light and dispersed character of urban life. Apparently negligible phenomena acquire depth and meaning by their juxtaposition. Her work enlightens threads and arbitrary associations which declare an unexpected epic character of the everyday.